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The Trajan Way

The last stretch of the ancient roman road, one of the oldest agrarian landscapes in the Mediterranean, which today corresponds to the local councils of Fasano, Ostuni, Carovigno, San Vito dei Normanni and Brindisi; it speaks of the millennial relationship between man and these places; the monumental olive groves, the unchallenged symbol of Apulia, which extend to the coastline of the Adriatic, and the archaeological and architectonic remains testify to this relationship. Historical research shows that this area was consistently settled in...


Biological farm

The plain of monumental olive groves, some of which are as much as 2500 years old, has recently been marked by a lively entrepreneurial spirit in the sector of organic and multifunctional agriculture, linked by the resources of the landscape and the history, culture and environment of the terrain. In recent years numerous examples of good practice in rural development of a collective nature and local initiatives linked to organic agriculture and to the protection of the agrarian landscape have been developed. Among these we wish to mention the ‘Oro del Parco’ (Gold of the Park) Project, set in motion by the community of organic farmers of Torre Guaceto; the ‘Oro dei Giganti’ (Giants’ gold) project, from the community of monumental olive groves of Apulia, the two  Slow Food presidia: the ‘fiaschetto’ tomato of Torre Guaceto and ‘regina’ tomato of Torre Canne, cultivated using organic methods, and safekeeping the genetic inheritance selected and passed on by generations of local farmers.

By the Trajan Way, near the...


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